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It’s taken us , but we’ve really come to appreciate the strengths that each other bring to the table. — the fact that if we didn’t have the other to help balance us out, we’d be really lopsided.

So instead of getting frustrated that your husband likes to spend money, focus on the positive qualities he has and how his differences help bring balance to your relationship.

It’s not sex, having the same interests or who does the dishes; the secret to a happy marriage, it seems, is to have a similar attitude to money.

Research published last month by three leading UK charities — Relate, Relationships Scotland and Marriage Care — revealed that differences over money put the biggest stress on relationships.

As we’ve worked through these, we’ve learned some lessons along the way.

How can you put your differences aside and balance the books – both in your check book AND your marriage?

In July, Mgidlana was on a “study visit” in Budapest, Hungary, where he was chauffeur-driven in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class at R8 660 per day for five days.

An extra R1 020 was incurred for a taxi trip to the airport to catch a flight out of that city.

) for 18 fantastic tips below on how to make it all work.

Just like their overall personality, their “money personality” is unlikely to change.

I used to get frustrated when Jesse would go out and spend money on what I deemed “frivolous” or “extravagant” things.

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